Our portfolio - The stars of tomorrow

As an investment company, we reduce investment risk by striving for a diversified portfolio composition and by investing in companies that have proven their business models. Our goal is to build a portfolio consisting of 20-25 portfolio companies. We invest in private companies.

The existing portfolio consists of SaaS companies operating in energy efficiency, information analysis, data collection automation, app publishing, payment systems, gaming, space, mining and financial systems – all of which are areas facing significant changes due to the digitalization of society.

The companies we invest in are in a rapid growth phase, and there is a lot happening in and around them.

The portfolio currently consists of 11 companies in the scale-up phase.

As of April 2024, the portfolio consists of 11 companies in the scaleup phase: Appspotr (listed), Arctic Space Technologies, Arkimera, Huddlestock (listed), E-Go, Hoodin (listed), Itatake, Klash, Noda, PubQ. The portfolio also includes AI Medical, which is in the “pre-revenue” phase and has no sales yet and are therefore not included in the statistics.

Current portfolio of companies

Arctic Space Technologies

Arctic Space Technologies offers groundbreaking solutions for the efficient management of satellite data in the new space era. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, security, and productivity, they enhance the delivery capabilities of satellite data to their customers, thereby contributing to the increased commercialization of the space industry. Based in Northern Sweden, they are poised to take the lead among ground stations. CapSek made its first investment in 2024 and currently owns approximately 2% of the company


RockSigma makes underground mines safer and more efficient through monitoring, analysis, and forecasting of seismic activity. Their solution is built on world-leading methods to transform massive amounts of measured acoustic signals into valuable data products that describe the rock mass. Currently, LKAB uses this technology, and the company is now actively working to acquire many more of the world’s largest mines as customers. CapSek made its first investment in 2024 and currently owns approximately 5% of the company.

Noda Intelligent Systems


NODA Intelligent Systems develops and markets AI-based solutions for sustainable energy systems, focusing on thermal systems such as district heating, district cooling, gas, heat pumps, and geothermal energy. Their customers currently include energy companies, property owners, and automation industry players in Europe, Asia, and North America. CapSek made its first investment in 2021 and currently owns approximately 12% of the company.


PubQ offers a new type of point-of-sale system for the restaurant industry in app format. In the app, customers can manage both orders and payments digitally, whether they are ordering takeout or dining in. With PubQ’s app, restaurants also gain access to a loyalty program, a table reservation system, and marketing opportunities. CapSek made its first investment in 2020 and currently owns approximately 14% of the company.

Arkimera Robotics


Arkimera Robotics’ self-learning algorithm enables the automation of data entry from digital documents. The algorithm requires very little data to learn how a user wants to extract information. Arkimera’s first product, AzoraOne, is offered as an API service to software companies providing accounting and bookkeeping applications to SMEs. CapSek made its first investment in 2020 and owns approximately 6% of the company.



A game studio that produces and markets casual games for tablets and smartphones (smaller games primarily targeting casual gamers). The company has received several prestigious awards for its innovative games and has so far launched nine games, with “Gumslinger” reaching approximately 15 million downloads to date. CapSek made its first investment in 2021 and owns about 9% of the company.



Klash offers a global and secure cloud-based platform where stakeholders in TV series, film, and video game production can collaborate on reviewing and managing media files. Their clients include TV and film companies as well as game developers, with SVT among their customers. CapSek made its initial investment in 2022 and holds approximately 19% of the company.


Hoodin’s platform enables media monitoring for companies and organizations in today’s multifaceted media landscape. Hoodin’s cloud-based SaaS platform automates the entire process of monitoring and managing digital content from numerous data sources such as databases, websites, and social media. Hoodin is listed on Spotlight. CapSek made its initial investment in 2018 and owns approximately 7% of the company.


Huddlestock is a Norwegian company that serves as a dynamic provider of wealth management and online trading, delivering tailored SaaS solutions for trading and investment. The company offers a cloud-based software platform and is listed on Euronext in Oslo. CapSek invested in Bricknode in 2021, which was acquired by Huddlestock in 2023. CapSek currently owns approximately 1% of the company.

E-GOGO E-Sports

E-GOGO E-Sports has developed a platform for both mobile and PC where users can follow their players and teams within e-sports. The platform features a personalized calendar, information on upcoming matches and events, and allows users to stream matches live. E-sports is a rapidly growing segment, and as the number of teams and tournaments increases, so does the need for new solutions for fans to follow their teams. The company aims to become a leading player in interactive e-sports streaming. CapSek made its initial investment in 2022 and owns approximately 3% of the company.

AI Medical Technology AIM


AI Medical Technology AIM is developing technology capable of identifying malignant skin lesions, aiding patients and healthcare providers in more accurate and faster diagnoses. Skin cancer is a growing concern and one of the most common forms of cancer worldwide. The company operates in an area where AI is poised to have significant impact in the future. Using AI trained on hundreds of thousands of images as a first step in diagnosis is a prime example of how AI can be utilized in healthcare. CapSek made its initial investment in 2022 and owns approximately 4% of the company.


Appspotr offers a platform enabling the development and publishing of professional apps. The tool is utilized by resellers and partners who effectively customize apps for businesses and organizations through the Appspotr platform. Version 3.0 of the platform has now been launched. Appspotr is listed on First North. CapSek made its initial investment in 2018 and owns approximately 9% of the company.