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For startups, Sweden is in many ways a fantastic country with a long tradition of supporting skilled entrepreneurs in developing their business ideas. However, starting a company where private capital is at stake requires courage. Along the exciting journey of building a company from scratch, many reach a turning point where they need support to develop and scale their operations, especially during the early scale-up phase. Many companies outside of Stockholm often don’t get a real chance. We firmly believe that the business ideas crucial for sustainable transformation can be found beyond the Stockholm region.

Proven business model

We invest in tech companies that have a first product or service on the market and have acquired their initial customers.

Outside Stockholm

We believe that the next big tech breakthrough will happen outside the Stockholm region

Sustainable Business Idea

Your company's business model contributes to societal development in a positive direction.

" I got in touch with CapSek in 2019 after attending a networking event for startups and investors. We connected quite quickly, and in 2020, they injected new capital into our company. The funds were used for further development and the launch of our service. However, I wasn't prepared for all the help we received beyond the capital. CapSek arranged meetings with large corporations, created financial models, and assisted us with corporate governance. They have a strategic approach to company development, and I can honestly say that CapSek has significantly contributed to our achievement of being cash flow positive today.”
Kenny Håkansson
Arkimera Robotics

What you get

CapSek is an active and engaged owner. In addition to providing capital, we contribute with networks (investors, customers, partners), sales and marketing strategies, organizational development, and assistance with regulatory contacts. Our team has extensive experience in developing early-stage companies, helping you focus on what matters most for your company’s growth. Since our inception in 2018, we have invested in 17 companies and made follow-on investments in 14 of them. Follow-on investments are a crucial part of our investment philosophy, akin to how Jan Stenbeck viewed his role as an investor. He described himself as a gardener who waters plants—some grow, others do not. Those that grow receive more water.

At CapSek, we take pride in offering not just capital but also the expertise and commitment needed for companies to thrive and flourish. A testament to our successful approach is that several of our portfolio companies have chosen to engage with CapSek as shareholders themselves.

Are you our next investment?

Please contact us at info@capsek.se, and we will get back to you. We are continuously looking for exciting companies to invest in