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februari 2025

Bokslutskommuniké helåret 2024

Latest analysis of CapSek March 2024

Mangold Insight published paid assignment analysis and interviews

Information on outstanding warrants and the preference share

Here you can find information and conditions regarding CapSek’s preference share and outstanding warrants

CEO interview

CapSek’s CEO Henrik Jerner talks in the interview below, among other things, about the three currently most successful existing portfolio companies, about the first investment in Region North, the issue and the way forward in 2024 (Swedish).

CapSek's prospect autumn 2022

In autumn 2022, CapSek carried out a preferential issue of preference shares of SEK 5.3 million. The capital contribution from the issue is used to accelerate CapSek’s growth, i.e. invest more in existing portfolio companies and in new tech companies to enable the companies’ continued expansion. This means that the companies will be able to recruit more staff and CapSek can increase its commitment and ownership.


Ulf Johansson, Authorized auditor. Frejs Revisorer AB, Göteborg

Important information about NGM Nordic SME

NGM Nordic SME is a registered SME market for growth companies run by Nordic Growth Market. Companies in Nordic SMEs are not subject to the same rules as companies in the regulated market. Instead, they are subject to a less comprehensive set of rules and regulations tailored to small growth businesses. The risk of investing in a company on NGM Nordic SME can therefore be higher than investing in a company on the main market. All companies with shares traded on NGM Nordic SME must have a mentor during the first two years after the listing, who monitors that the rules of the exchange are followed.

Capsek’s share was listed at NGM Nordic SME in July 2020

The opening ceremony was held at Götaplatsen in Gothenburg, with bell ringing, confetti and champagne! See videos below.