Unique exposure to unlisted tech companies

We invest in the breaking point where startup turns into scaleup

Invest in unlisted growth companies

The investment company Northern CapSek Ventures invests in the breaking point when a startup transitions to a scale-up. CapSek invests in companies where the business model is proven, and the target company is raising expansion capital in a so-called Series A round. The focus is on companies whose growth is driven by the digitalization of society, preferably in the areas of Software as a Service (SaaS), Internet of Things (IoT), Computer Gaming, or AI/Machine Learning.
The Swedish tech phenomenon: A large number of successful tech companies have originated in Sweden – for example, Spotify, Skype, Izettle, Klarna, King, Avito, ClikTech.

Annually, approximately 3 billion SEK is invested in around 400-600 unlisted growth companies in Sweden.
The vast majority of these investments are made by government venture capital entities and private equity (PE) funds.
As a private investor, you do not have the opportunity to invest in government entities, and investing in PE funds requires a significant capital commitment.
CapSek is listed on NGM, thereby offering its investors indirect exposure to these growth companies, where it is normally difficult for private investors to invest. Shareholders in the venture capital company CapSek can thus partake in the value creation that occurs in selected, fast-growing Swedish tech companies.
There is a lot happening in the tech companies in CapSek’s portfolio. You can follow their development by subscribing to CapSek’s newsletter or by following CapSek on social media.