Our divested holdings

Divested holdings

Validicity Sweden

Validicity Sweden has developed custom-designed containers combined with blockchain technology to ensure secure traceability for anti-doping in sports and equestrian sports. There is strong demand for secure logistics chains in anti-doping, healthcare, and health sectors, where the nature of blockchain technology offers clear advantages for traceability. The company was founded in collaboration with Sweden’s pioneer in anti-doping, Arne Ljungqvist, with the goal of building software that guarantees a secure chain of doping tests. CapSek divested its shares in 2024.


Glase Fintech

Glase is a software company that acquired the rights to a mobile payment service in 2017. The service allows anyone with a smartphone to make payments in stores, either contactlessly or with QR codes. The technology and its subsidiary were sold to a Norwegian entity in 2019. CapSek made its initial investment in 2018 and divested its shares in 2022.


Tölve offers client companies a CRM module that streamlines prospecting in the sales process. The module consists of a machine learning algorithm that, based on input parameters, generates a recommendation list of interesting prospects. The software has been developed in collaboration with entities like Bisnode. CapSek made its first investment in 2021. CapSek divested its holdings in 2023 when Intelliplan acquired Tölve.


Talkamatic enables educational technology platforms to utilize interactive spoken dialogue built with conversational AI. Spoken dialogue represents a profound new paradigm for learning platforms, providing pedagogical benefits such as increased cognitive activation and student engagement. Talkamatic combines over 20 years of research in conversational AI with research in education and cognitive science to create a unique ecosystem offering. CapSek divested its shares in 2024.



Zesec transfers door keys and tags from keychains to mobile phones, offering a platform with services that simplify deliveries and access through entrance gates, office, and apartment doors. The lock industry is undergoing a digital transformation, and Zesec enables a single app for all locks within the industry. Zesec was listed on NGM Nordic SME until June 2024 when Avsalt acquired Zesec’s listing via a reverse takeover.